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What Clients Have Said..

I loved everything about the background

of Reiki, learning about the Chakras, the meditations, even our dinner !

I loved everything !

Jennie is a great teacher and I would recommend this course to everyone !


I learnt more than I thought I would, and it really helped me open up about where I need to heal. It was a really nice, calm, welcoming atmosphere.


Loved learning about the Reiki practical work, and the Reiki principles. Loved the food ! So happy with my attunement, can't wait for level 2 !

Thanks for a lovely day !


Loved learning all the Reiki symbols, really enjoyed the meditations. Very relaxing, safe environment, felt at ease asking questions, everything explained thoroughly, thank you !


Loved learning about the different aspects of Reiki. Local area, not far to travel, intimate small group so plenty of time for practical sessions. Good quality lunch provided in pleasant surroundings. Good information, easy to understand

manual, great delivery of a workshop !


Really enjoyed every aspect, loved learning about Reiki and how it will benefit my life. The others on the course were lovely people, made some friends for life. Would definitely recommend.


Wish we could do this again, no awkwardness, lovely like minded people, great atmosphere, I totally felt at home. Would absolutely recommend as I found it enlightening, informative and fun.


The whole thing was fab, wish we had more time. Really enjoyed meeting everyone too. There was lots of info, wished we had more time to practise everything. Definitely recommend.


I'm glad there was only a small number in the group, made it more personal. Good mix of theory and practical, professional yet friendly approach. Enlightening and really uplifting course. Loved the food.


I enjoyed the intimacy and sense of comfort, there was no judgement whatsoever. Jennie was wonderful, everything was explained in detail without any pressure.


Friendly informal way of learning under no pressure. Everything was easy to understand, enjoyed absolutely everything.

Felt comfortable being in a small group, very interactive.



Jennie's approach and personal input made it very relaxed and calm. Would have loved to do a week as great once you get into it.

Enjoyable, emotional and made me want to change things in my life.



The workshop felt like I was taking a journey deeper into myself, understanding the hidden knowledge and feelings that have always been there. I feel more connected both to myself, to the universe and my life purpose.

Jennie, You're brill ! Thank you !



Very friendly, like-minded people, very enjoyable course, I now feel more confident with tarot, it was a worthwhile use of my time.



Lots of info to take away, and great explanation. Harder work than any other workshops I've attended, in gaining familiarity with all the cards.


I am really surprised that in only a few hours I have learned the basics of tarot reading, and that I was able to give a reading by the day !



Enjoyed the format of the day and meeting the others. Really enjoyed Jennie's presentation, and so happy to be able to read for other people.


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