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My Journey

I began my journey as a Holistic and Spiritual Practioner in 2007 by training in Body Work using The Bowen Technique, a therapy that not only released me from physical pain but sent me on a journey of self discovery and into the world of health and well being. In 2009 I did my Reiki Training which gave me greater understanding of some of the spiritual experiences I had, and put me on the path of my true life purpose.....understanding energy and its importance. In 2011 I began my training as a Psychodynamic Counsellor. It was during this training I was able to identify how my current thoughts including limitations, behaviours and expectations had been shaped by childhood and relational experience. I was able to make sense of my relationships, understand why certain mental illness had occurred in my life and most importantly develop self love. In the last 10 years my life has changed dramatically. I began training counsellors, teaching energy work including meditation, psychic development and Reiki. I have dedicated my life to training in mediumship and connecting with spirit and learnt so much from some amazing teachers who have stepped into my life at the right time. I have now opened up my own Spiritual Well Being Centre to share my knowledge and to provide a place for other teachers and healers to share theirs too. A place to create a community, a sense of purpose and a place of learning and fundamentally a place to enable you to expore you own healing journey.         

"I died when I was born, I cried a million waterfalls. When I awoken on my death. The tears dried up and my Angel Wings spread."

Forlorn Hope

My Own Healing Story

I have been lucky enough to have a fortunate and loving childhood. However, when I reached 14 I had stopped dancing which I had been doing since I was 2 years old. I only realised when I was an adult the detrimental impact this had on my health.  Not only had I stopped something my spirit was passionate about,  but it affected me energetically causing me chronic fatigue and muscular pain on a daily basis. Where I was once bouncing around, doing the splits.... I now struggled to get out of bed and my body felt lifeless.  It was at this time I also changed to a


vegetarian diet (Unfortunately my new diet was not very nutritious) Once again...impacting me energetically. The lack of energy and zest for life eventually caused me to feel very down. I wanted to do things...but I felt my body just couldn't do it. I didn't understand how could I explain to anyone else...I simply felt depressed. 

I had seen spiritual energy my whole life but at this time had no understanding of what it meant to be an empath. So suddenly with my passion gone, poor nutrition and no energy, my mind and emotions went into negative overdrive. I had no idea that everything negative going on around the world; animal cruelty, wars etc, I had began to carry as my own (an unfortunate result of being highly empathic with no knowledge of self-protection)  I had no idea of my ability to connect with everything at a soul level. By the time I was 15 I was depressed, anxious, self-harming and looking for a way out.

Fortunately for me I had supportive friends and family, amazing teachers who recognised some of my creative gifts, and a Psychologist who helped me to see my self-worth. Since then I had numerous struggles (I could write a whole book about!) Diagnoses of Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Endometriosis (Fertility problems), Depression, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, A broken marriage,  an emotionally abusive relationship, seeing the person I love destroy himself through alcohol and drug abuse, and the hurt I caused my family whilst I was on a drip after an intentional overdose, and several other trials and tribulations I could add!!

But what all is this? These where just experiences. And trust me...I've had a million positive experiences which have topped these! They do not define me....but allowed me to learn valuable lessons. They were experiences I overcame which in turn have allowed me to become the strong person I am today. The experiences which have enabled me to build upon my empathy and have that knowledge and understanding to work with my clients at a deeper level. And that is a strong message I like to get across to my clients. You are NOT a victim! When we focus on all the bad that has happened to us or focus on what other people have done....where's the empowerment in that?

We all have a story. We all have the good, bad and damn right ugly experiences that shape our opinions, perceptions and most importantly view of ourselves. But they can be changed! As soon as we recognise that we can break free from these, we can truly reconnect with who we are. We CAN heal Ourselves! We can LIVE the lives we want. I not saying it's gonna be easy! In fact it takes a whole lotta work...however in my experience "You put the work in and you get the reward".

I would like to share my knowledge and the wisdom I receive from spirit to be a part of your healing journey. 

Know You have Got what it takes!

Know you are here for a reason and are unique in your own way.

Know that you can achieve way beyond the limitations of your mind

and KNOW that I will be here to Support you


Love, Light & Freedom!

Jennie Reay xxx

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