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Profile of a woman with the galaxy as a brain. The scientific concept. Dreamer, creative m

Spirit School

Interested in energy work, connecting to yourself, healing spiritually, or connecting with and working with spirit? Join my on one of my courses/workshops within my very own Spiritual School of Psychic and Energy Work at Healing Time Wirral.

I have been teaching for over 10 years. Its my passion and my soul purpose. I am the type of teacher who does not feel the need to hold back info as I feel my work is to assist others to understand energy and recognize their own intuitive and healing abilities. I run a monthly Thursday Psychic/Reiki Share and healing meditations which are mini classes lasting for 1 to 2 hours for just £15. We also have a Psychic Circle on Tuesday evenings at my centre at Healing Time at 7pm. This is facilitated by Julie Smith.

I thrive off creation and enjoy creating new workshops but most of all I enjoy seeing people progress and connect with their authentic selves.

Keep up to date with workshops on the events pages where you can book on any of the courses.

Profile of a woman with the galaxy as a brain. The scientific concept. Dreamer, creative m

Reiki Level 1 Training

I offer 2 day courses in both Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki with 6 months in between course. Each course is in depth with Reiki 1 focusing on Self Healing and Level 2 progressing to Practitioner. I also put on Reiki Share dates to meet with other Reiki Healers to practice and receive. Reiki Level 1 is all about self healing and introducing you to that concept. Learn about Reiki and energy healing including the history of Reiki, the Reiki precepts, the aura and chakra systems.
The course is experiential so you will practice meditation, mindfulness and learn all the hand positions required for self treatment and the treatment of others.


Reiki Level 2 Training

Take that leap from from self healing to healing others and working towards practitioner level. Upon completion of this course you will become a confident Reiki therapist working with a high degree of professionalism and ethics. The course content includes understanding and using Reiki Symbols, sending distant healing, Level 2 attunement, developing intuition, chakra rebalancing and using crystals and pendulums, scanning methods, protection, laws and ethics around working professionally, working with animals and introduction to animal communication.
As part of this course you will be required to complete some case studies and written work to demonstrate your abilities.


Animal Healing & Communication

Open to anyone Reiki attuned or who has completed a Spiritual Healing Course.

Some areas included are: Styles of animal communication, including body language, recognising our blocks to working with animals. using animal guides to assist with communication and healing, telepathic and other communication styles. animal chakra and aura system, the role of animals as healers, energetic transference of emotion and illness between pet and owner, dowsing and scanning methods and of course practice.


Spirit Rescue Work

If you are an intuitive or are already working with spirit you may be picking up on spirit who are lost and need that extra support. This work is super important, not only to help the distressed souls but for the people on the earthplane including the collective. This is both an informative and practical workshop which comes with handouts and a manual with course information. Lots of info for anyone with an interest in spirit release work.


Automatic Writing 

Learn about Automatic/Spirit writing. Practice channelling and reaching altered states to receive guidance from your higher self/guides. Learn about the Akashic and tap into collective energy using spirit writing as your tool for future predictions.


Psychic Practice

This workshop is for those who already have some knowledge and practice in psychic and mediumship abilities. On the day you will practice giving a mediumship reading, learn about and practice remote viewing, Telepathy (ESP) using Zener Cards, giving tarot/oracle reading. 

The Art of Reading Energy

A day workshop dedicated to practicing and refining your psychic and mediumship skills using a variety of exercises. Today we will look Aura Readings, connecting with to spiritual energy as a group, introduction and the practice of scrying. Practicing readings using water, crystal balls and more. 


Get Confident with Tarot Workshop

An indepth day breaking down Tarot into manageable parts. Learn about Minor and Major Arcana, symbols and numerology. Look at the court cards and their personalities. Learn ways of telling stories and look at a a variety of spreads for beginners. Learn about Symbol meanings. By the end of the workshop you will be able to read a 12 card spread!


Professional Certificate in Crystal Healing

Suitable for therapists wanting to look at ways to incorporate crystals within their healing work. On this 1 day you will look at history and formation of crystals, chakra balancing, using crystal grids for self healing and manifestation/spell work. We will also look at platonic Solids, dowsing to diagnose and balance our energy systems, crystals for meditation, crystal water and lots of other tools to incorporate into your own healing and healing practice.


Spirit Guide Connections Workshop

Meet your spirit team. Use this day to learn all about spirit guides! But most importantly meet your own guides. Venture to and learn about the upper and lower realms and learn about other perspectives of guides.  Connect to your animal guides, ancestral guides and your gatekeeper and learn how you can develop the flow of communication and relationships with your guides. £60


Psychic and Mediumship Beginners Workshop

Get introduced to the different terms associated with Psychic and Mediumship work, learn about grounding, protection and using meditation to connect with spirit.

Learn about and practice psychometry, reading tea leaves and doing a basic card reading using oracle cards.

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Past Lives, Karma and Soul Healing Workshop

An in depth workshop exploring past lives for healing, spiritual growth and self awareness. During the day you will connect to past lives, learn about reincarnation. Set your own intentions to heal, connect with your own soul purpose. Learn about Karma, releasing karma and connecting with the lords of karma. Understanding soul contracts, roles of soul mates and twin flames. £75

Certificate in Card Reading- Creative with Spreads

This  workshop is specifically for people with an existing knowledge of card reading (Angel, oracle or tarot)  or who have already been on my Get Confident with Tarot workshop. During the day we will look at the different types of reading styles and the cards spreads used for them. We will practice energy reads, future predictions, relationship spreads and more and we will get creative by creating your own spread and stepping into your own unique style.

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Mindfit Course

An 8  week course aimed for those with depression, anxiety or those who simply want to learn to incorporate meditation into their lives to live with less stress and also learn about spiritual development. Each week has a new focus giving you lots of wonderful and creative ways to practice meditation as well as an opportunity for self reflection. During the course you will learn about mindfulness, energy work including using crystals and chakra balancing, letting go of the past, EFT techniques, Self love, connecting with your higher self, Candle Gazing and working with the element of fire, law of attraction and manifestation, active meditation and vision board work. £120

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Introduction to the Akashic Records

During the evening you will be introduced to the Akashic Records and how they can be used in your own life to assist with your own healing and understanding of your life purpose. We will do a guided spiritual meditation which will allow you to connect with and access the Akashic Records to receive guidance and knowledge. You can use some healing cards/oracle cards to seek further wisdom or insight into what is needed in your life right now.


Reconnecting the Fragments Meditation

Both Past and Present relationships can take our power if the relationship isnt balanced or toxic in any way. We can still be energetically connected or have emotional attachments to past relationships which continue to cause pain which may include heartache, self esteem, confidence issues, overthinking and more.
On this event we explore how this happens and will be guided intoa healing meditation to draw back our own energy and cut ties to toxic relationships.


Self Love Healing Meditation

An evening meditation with Counsellor and Spiritual Teacher Jennie Reay. We will be using meditation to connect with our higher self for guidance. There will be self reflection, affirmations and energy healing using rose quartz crystals and guided visualisation to bring in self love and healing.


Full Moon Healing & Trataka Meditation

A healing meditation working with the illuminating energies of the full moon and the burning element of fire to support an evening of release and healing work  with the art of candle gazing.

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