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Training Provider

Join me for your training in all things Energy Work. I offer Accredited Courses and Workshops in Healing, Psychic Development and More! Over 15 years experience!


Reconnecting the Fragments of the Soul

*Intuitive Healer * Counsellor * Teacher *Lightworker

Welcome to The Divine Edge. We all strive for that inner peace, finding our life purpose and freedom from illness and dis-ease. We are starting to awaken to the fact that health and well-being is not all about our physical,  but our emotional, mental and spiritual aspects should also be nurtured to create a holistic understanding of self. When we piece together everything energetically, from our relationship with ourselves and others, our spiritual and physical needs, and view ourselves as unique we can truly find closure to the things that don't serve us (Including Mindsets) Then we can find that happiness we deserve.

So, what is Divine Edge all about? *Releasing illness, stress and faulty belief systems *Connecting to your higher self to lead the life your heart desires *Creating healthier relationships, including with yourself.....and *Finding you! Discovering that YOU are enough, and YOU have the power to CHANGE and CREATE the life you wish regardless of any restrictions there seems to be. Because "Restrictions" are simply obstacles for us to overcome...for when we shift our focus and perceptions and connect with who we are....MIRACLES happenxx

"The Greatest Healer is Yourself. For You Are The Master of Everything in Your Life."

Forlorn Hope

Welcome to the Divine Edge

I've been working within the field of spiritual health since 2008. I meet my clients in that heart space intuitively connecting with who they are, identifying their needs and walking with them on their path of healing and empowerment. 

THERAPEUTICALLY I work with clients to establish their subconscious blocks which may be from past trauma, early relationships or even from the more unseen including past lives and other spiritual issues that may arise.

I work intuitively, with integrity, empathy, whilst challenging my clients to face their fears and move forward through the healing process.

My WORKSHOPS are in depth, eye opening and a place to create new friendships and develop your abilities. Often I have heard "Are your workshops always this intense" because when we work with spirit we never know what surprises will occur on the day!!

Within my Teaching Practice I have trained many counsellors, energy healers, psychics and mediums providing a safe space to share my own knowledge and encourage my students to let go of any conditioning they have on themselves and step into their own unique abilities. I am an ACCREDITED TRAINING Provider of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Animal Healing. Psychic and other energy work courses.

Behind me I have a reportoire of training including Teaching, Psychodynamic and Relationship Counselling, Angelic and Usui Reiki (Master Level), Advanced Mediumship and Psychic training, Past Life Healing, Ancestral Healing, Spirit Release Practitioner, 

Soul Retrieval, 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki initation (Womb Healing) and various other Complimentary health practices.


"I died when I was born, I cried a million waterfalls. When I awoken on my death. The tears dried up and my Angel Wings spread."

Forlorn Hope

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